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After the era of feed-in tariffs and similar generation-based schemes, the PV market expects a lot from competitive PV development schemes based on the concept of self-consumption of PV electricity.

This webinar will browse the situation of self-consumption in key locations around the globe and highlight the challenges and opportunities associated to this new business model for the PV sector. The difficulties in setting up adequate self-consumption support schemes will be explained while traditional variants such as net-metering and net-billing will be exposed and detailled. Finally, the share of self-consumption in today’s PVmarkets will be highlighted.

The main presenter will be Gaëtan Masson from IEA-PVPS.

The PV market has developed significantly in the last years, thanks to a complex combination of price decline, technology improvements and financial support schemes.

This webinar intends to bring additional information about the main trends in the PV market, industry and policy support in key countries and globally. It will highlight the reasons why PV has developed so fast and what can be expected in the coming years. In particular, the current support schemes and market drivers will be analyzed, together with the question of industry development. The geographical rebalancing between western and asian countries will be commented and explained. Finally the growing role of PV in the electricity sector will be explained.

Two presenters will share the floor : Izumi Kaizuka from RTS Corporation in Japan and Gaëtan Masson, Operating Agent of IEA-PVPS Task 1.

Quality assessment of PV systems can only be properly performed when performance data is available. Only then one can answer the question “How well is PV serving the world”.

The approach that IEA-PVPS Task13 experts have followed is twofold:

  1. detailed data on selected PV systems across the world, and
  2. statistical analysis of large amounts of two parameters relevant for performance: annual yield, performance ratio.

This webinar discusses both approaches and lessons learned from the analysis. An outlook towards full global coverage linked to climatic zones is presented. 


PV markets have been multiplied by 40 in a bit more than 10 years, bringing the PV market to close to 40 GW.

Which are the fastest growing markets? How are historical markets behaving and what does PV represents today in the world?

All these points will be addressed in this first webinar about International Energy Agency’s PVPS’s Snapshot report.  


Gaëtan Masson is the Operating Agent (chairman in IEA language) of the group of experts dedicated to studying PV market and industry development within the IEA-PVPS research program. He is an engineer with a wide experience in the financial and IT sectors who joined the PV industry in 2009. He leads the Becquerel Institute and is vice-chair of the European PV Technology Platform.