The main object of webinar is a state of the art of medium strength high conductivity (MSHC) materials. The first part of a lecture contains a definition of MSHC materials, theoretical and practical aspects of copper hardening, rules of alloying process and different ways how to improve properties of copper. Particularly,  the detailed analysis of elements additions (Ag, Mg, Sn, Zn, Fe, P, Zr, Ni, Si)  on the strength and electrical conductivity and other properties of copper will be shown. Next part of the lecture concerns analysis of the fabrication (deformability, machinability etc.) and exploitation properties (heat resistance, creep resistance, corrosion resistance and fatigue resistance) of MSHC materials on the basis of data bases (among other things: European Copper Institute and AGH data base) and other sources.

Moreover, development of new MSHC materials trends in the world and their new applications will be presented too. In conclusion open questions will be put about cost-effective of MSHC materials production.

Lecture schedule

  1. Introduction
  2. Theoretical basics of MSHC materials creating (basics rules, materials hardening methods, alloying rules)
  3. Analysis of medium strength high conductivity copper alloys (phase diagrams, requirements, properties, fabrication and exploitation properties, main applications)
    1. Cu-Ag
    2. Cu-Mg
    3. Cu-Sn
    4. Cu-Fe
    5. Cu-P
    6. Cu-Zrk
    7. Cu-Ni-Si
    8. other elements
  4. Complex comparison analysis of medium strength high conductivity copper alloys vs. copper grade ETP
  5. Trends of medium strength high conductivity copper alloys development, new applications and cost-effectiveness
  6. Conclusions