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Energy-intensive industries – energy efficiency policies and evaluations

Teacher Hans De Keulenaer, Christian Stenqvist


The webinar will review results from academic evaluations of energy efficiency and climate mitigation policies that have targeted energy-intensive industry on EU and Member State level. The EU emissions trading system, by some portrayed as Europe´s flagship policy to tackle climate change, has had little effect in triggering innovative low-carbon solutions. Other policy approaches taken by Member States have centred on site-level energy management practices linked with national incentives and obligations that stimulates industrial energy efficiency as a strategy aiming at multiple objectives. Remarks are also made about policy design and the role of evaluation to foster policy improvements.

Suggested reading: Stenqvist, C. (2013). Industrial energy efficiency improvement - the role of policy and evaluation. Doctoral dissertation. Lund: Lund University.

Speakers for this webinar: Christian Stenqvist

Duration (hours)