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Mineral Resources in Life Cycle Assessment, the use of the Impact category Abiotic Depletion Potential

Teacher Hans De Keulenaer, Laia Perez Simbor, Andrea Vaccari


There is increasing global interest in using Abiotic Depletion Potential (ADP) as a sustainability indicator in regulatory and voluntary initiatives aiming to promote green products. Yet, there is an international consensus that the resource depletion Area of Protection in Life Cycle Impact Assessment (through which ADP is estimated) needs to be redefined.

In this Webinar, we will show how the ADP is considered in the European regulatory context and the difficulties associated with its use. Critical points, such resource and reserve’s data misinterpretation, the factual errors in the results and related technical limitations of ADP’s insights will be explained.

With a focus on copper products and production, the webinar will offer recommendations and alternatives to assess resources in Life Cycle Assessment, and give keys to interpreting the use of resources in product policy.

Duration (hours)