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National actions to support EU Product Policy

Teacher Fiona Brocklehurst, Hans De Keulenaer


Mandatory product policy is set at the EU level: the Energy Efficiency Labelling Directive from 1995[1] and the Ecodesign Directive for energy-related products (ErP Directive), setting Minimum Energy Performance Standards since 2005.  National action to improve the energy efficiency of lights and appliance pre-dates both of these and continues to make a significant impact, encouraging the uptake of the most energy efficient products and phasing out the least efficient.

A wide range of actions have been used, including:

    * Tax breaks for domestic and business customers
    * Subsidies for consumers and retailers
    * Endorsement labels
    * Trade in schemes
    * Information campaigns
    * Retailer training
    * Public Procurement
    * Forward (technology) procurement

which have made a real difference to the EU markets EU.

The webinar will give an overview of these actions and illustrate them with examples of different types of policies, in different member states and from different eras.

[1] The framework directive was adopted earlier – 1995 was when the first labelled products were sold.

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