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Optimization of Cooling Systems: compressors and other power consumers

Teacher Svenn Hansen, Fernando Nuno


In Denmark, approx. 11% of all electrical power is used for cooling purposes. Cooling applications vary from a large number of very small domestic refrigerators and a small number of very big industrial systems for cooling and freezing. Main energy consuming components in refrigeration and heat pump systems are compressors, fans and pumps driven by electric motors, having fixed speed or variable speed for part load controlled by inverters. The most important power consumer is the compressor.

Key words for the customers are energy efficient operation and minimal operational costs, besides the need to optimize the performance of the cooling or heating process in all systems. It is well known from several projects, investigations and cases that a large potential exists for energy savings in cooling and heat pump systems.

In general the energy optimization of refrigeration and heat pump systems can be expressed by the following formula, minimising the total energy (W) consumed by each of the system components:

Minimum (Σ Wcompressors + Σ Wfans + Σ Wpumps )

Note: whereas ‘W’ stands for ‘Work’ or Energy in Joules.

The webinar will give an introduction to:

- How a cooling and heat pump system works

- How power consumption can be minimized by intelligent control.

Duration (hours)