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Power Transformer Rating

Teacher Angelo Baggini


The criteria for choosing the right transformer for given application have both technical and economic character. The main electrical parameters used to specify a transformer are:

  • rated power (and overload conditions)
  • rated voltage of the primary and secondary winding
  • short-circuit voltage
  • values of load and no-load losses

Another distinctive element is the choice of the type of transformer, dry or liquid immersed with implications for transformer rating. Specifying transformer ratings is related to network conditions such as:

  • loading
  • voltage and short-circuit values required in different places in the system
  • availability and continuity of supply
  • power requirements from particular loads
  • location of the loads in relation to the choice of the best (barycenter method) location of the transformer

This course gives overview how to include working conditions in specification of the transformer ratings.

Target Audience

transformer specifiers, engineers

Duration (hours)