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Third Energy Package

Teacher Hans De Keulenaer, Fulvio Fontini


The European Commission and the Parliament set up a milestone for the process of integration of EU energy markets, releasing a set of comprehensive Directives and Regulations aiming at fostering the completion of the internal energy markets, the so called “third energy package”.

The third energy package, or briefly third package, entered into force in March 2011. The purpose of this webinar is to give an overall view of the aims, scope, contents, perspectives and limits of the third package. It follows the following structure:

* The status quo of electricity and gas market at the time of delivering the third package and the need to provide a comprehensive regulatory framework.

* The fundamental pillars of the package:

1. Unbundling and the establishment of independent transmission companies (ISO and ITO)

2. Role and functioning of National Regulatory Authorities (NRAs)

3. The definition of power and competences for new and re-shaped existing European bodies (ENTSO E/G, ACER, CEER)

4. The definition of non-discriminatory rules and procedures to foster market integration, based on framework guidelines and network codes and on market monitoring.

5. The actual stage of implementation of the third package, and the need to go beyond it towards the Energy Union.

Duration (hours)