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UPS Selection and sizing

Teacher Angelo Baggini


Electrical equipment is designed to operate optimally with a supply voltage that is within rated values and within frequency tolerances. Operation outside these limits can result in increased losses, poor efficiency and unpredictable operation. Large deviations can cause disruption due to the false operation of protection devices. Voltage quality has therefore a decisive influence on the operation of equipment and risk coming from a power failure could be very serious. Such disturbance affects safety, as in hospitals and any public building or causes economic losses, as in manufacturing industries, especially continuous process manufacturing or high technology manufacturing . There is a big variety of devices and reserve power supply equipment available on the market and the choice of mitigation depends on the characteristics of the load equipment and the type, duration and severity of the power disturbances. In this wide framework this lesson aims to provide information on how to approach reserve power supply choice by giving a detailed overview on available solutions, sizing criteria and safety implications.

Target Audience

Electrical Designers

Duration (hours)