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Voltage dips and short interruptions

Teacher Angelo Baggini, Roman Targosz


The wide usage of microelectronic components for control and operation results in the increasing importance of power quality in distribution systems. These components are very sensitive to voltage dips and power interruptions. Motor drives, including variable speed drives, are particularly susceptible to voltage dips. Similarly lighting equipment. Considering also that protective systems are often used for the purpose of supply disconnection in event of the voltage undervoltage (voltage value drop below a preset level, the effect will be the conversion of a voltage dip into a long supply interruption. The cost implications are very serious. This lesson gives an overview of voltage dips and interruptions causes and effects on electrical equipment, mitigation measures and measurement techniques, all in order to provide students with the in depth understanding of this serious PQ phenomenon.

Target Audience

Electrical engineers. Maintenance engineers

Duration (hours)