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Voltage Changes, Flicker PQ03

Teacher Zbigniew Hanzelka



Fast voltage changes; effects on lighting systems and electrical equipment. Sources, effects, measurement, mitigation, standards.


1. Description of the phenomena
2. Voltage fluctuations
3. Sources of voltage fluctuations
4. Effects of voltage fluctuations
5. Measurement of voltage fluctuations
6. Standardisation of voltage fluctuations


1. Propagation of voltage fluctuations
2. Summation of voltage fluctuation from different sources
3. Methods for mitigation of voltage fluctuations An example
4. Location of the dominant source of voltage fluctuation in power system
5. Assessment of equipment and installations emissions

Prepared by: Prof. Zbigniew Hanzelka, PhD Andrzej Firlit, PhD Krzysztof Piątek, PhD Marek Rogóż, PhD Władysław Łoziak
from AGH, University of Science and Technology, Cracow

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Target Audience

The course is dedicated to technical managers, engineers and technicians who wish to understand main aspects of power quality and want to acquire knowledge which will allow to mitigate power quality problems .


To attend the course the knowledge of fundamentals of electrical engineering is required. Technical background and sometimes competencies in economics, standardization and regulation are preferable.  


To complete the course and get the certificate it is required to receive the grade of minimum 75% out of all tests in the course.

Duration (hours)