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Teacher Mamen Bistué, Hans De Keulenaer


Humans are increasingly influencing the climate and the earth's temperature by burning fossil fuels, cutting down rainforests and farming livestock. This adds enormous amounts of greenhouse gases to those naturally occurring in the atmosphere, increasing the greenhouse effect and global warming. European Union by DG Clima develops and implements international and domestic climate action policies and strategies, implements the EU Emissions Trading System (EU ETS) and promotes low carbon and adaptation technologies.

First, an overview about climate and greenhouse gas emissions (GHG) in the atmosphere is considered, especially CO2. Considering the power sector through the use of fossil fuels generates a considerable amount of these gases in this lesson is essential to start talking about how the European Union is working in the short medium and long term strategies to reduce GHG and the consequences of climate change. The action taken by the EU on climate and the effects of these emissions are shown.

Following this introduction, the European Framework and policies are discussed in terms of nuclear energy and clean coal specifying the topic in carbon capture and storage (CCS).

Finally will discuss research and innovation in Europe from a historical perspective and developing the role of the new European Programme for research: Horizon 2020.

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