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ISGAN Annex 2 Spotlight on Demand Management

Teacher Bruno De Wachter, Laura Marretta


Demand Management is understood as one of the core functions of a smart grid. ISGAN is publishing a case book focusing on Demand Management projects, where member countries have volunteered cases for the purposes of increasing knowledge and collaboration between stakeholders on smart grid project planning, implementation and management. The cases included in the report represent a broad range of economic, political, geographical, structural, cultural and market contexts, intended to promote more sophisticated conversation about lessons learned and best practices across stakeholders.

The course focusses on one of the case studies discussed in the report, and in particular on the initiatives on customer engagement in Italy. During the course, the following topics will be covered:

  • Projects description and main objectives
  • Discussion of current status and results
  • Recommendations &  Lessons learned

Target Audience

This course targets DSM practitioners worldwide.

Duration (hours)