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How to manual on Heat Pumps


The purpose of this course is to provide you with basic information about air-source heat pump systems for the home. A heat pump will provide you with safe, clean and efficient warmed or cooled air. In addition to this, a correctly sized and installed heat pump can reduce your heating costs. Three times as much heat can be obtained from each watt of electricity than can be obtained from an electric heating system.

In particular the course will:

  • give you some very basic theory on how heat pumps work;
  • introduce you to some of the main components within an air heat pump system;
  • give you some pointers to determine how to design and place a heat pump system;
  • outline how to determine whether a heat pump system makes sense for you.


  1. Introduction. Overview of systems used in Europe
  2. Air-source heat pump technology
  3. Installation of air heat pumps
  4. Costs and benefits

Target Audience

engineers and energy project developers


elementary knowledge on energy



Duration (hours)