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Energy Management Systems for SMEs

Teacher Hans De Keulenaer, Aedan Kernan


The main goal of this course is to help small and medium-size enterprises, or SMEs, plan for, develop, implement, and manage an energy management system, or EnMS.

We will discuss what it takes to build a successful energy management system, including some of the specific challenges faced by small and medium enterprises, and we will present case studies to illustrate key concepts.

This course should take approximately 2 to 3 hours to complete and is composed of 18 units divided over 6 modules listed here. Each unit takes between 5-10 minutes in length.

Target Audience

This course is primarily intended for energy managers in SMEs. It can also be useful for professionals when preparing for a role as energy manager, or when working in an energy management team


This course assumes that you are familar with the basic concept of energy management and various energy management systems such as ISO 50001. If this is not the case, we invite you to follow the energy management foundation training on this campus.

Duration (hours)