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Introduction to Clean Energy Project Feasibility Analysis with RETScreen 4

Teacher Frederic Pouyot


Become a clean energy analyst by following Leonardo Energy’s introductory courses on RETScreen 4 and the technical and economic feasibility of clean energy technologies.

This case study-based course is targeted at professionals and university students who want to learn how to better analyze the technical and financial viability of potential clean energy projects.

It provides a general background to RETScreen 4, guides participants on how to start with it, and discusses the generic components that are used in other RETScreen course modules.


  1. Background on RETScreen 4
  2. Installing and Working with RETScreen 4

Prepared by: Frederic Pouyot

Target Audience

The course is targeted at energy analysts and energy project developers.


Prospective participants should have a fundamental understanding of clean energy technologies and project development.


After completion of the course (pass level is 30%), participants will receive a Leonardo Academy Program Certificate.

Duration (hours)