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Distributed Energy Sources and Power Quality. Energy storage systems PQ09



Distributed energy sources in context of power quality. Requirements from renewables. Storage.


1. DER definitions
2. Standards on Integration of DER with electric power system, national and international
3. Regulations and Rules between Customers and Network Operators
4. Power Quality Causes and Problems
5. Power Quality Measurement and Solutions
6. Integration with the grid: methods: practical examples and experience
7. Energy storage systems

Prepared by: Prof. Dr. Zbigniew A. Styczynski sty@ovgu.de , Przemysław Komarnicki komarn@iff.fraunhofer.de
from Otto von Guericke Magdeburg University, and Fraunhofer IFF Magdeburg

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Target Audience

The course is dedicated to technical managers, engineers and technicians who wish to understand main aspects of power quality and want to acquire knowledge which will allow to mitigate power quality problems.


To attend the course the knowledge of fundamentals of electrical engineering is required. Technical background and sometimes competencies in economics, standardization and regulation are preferable.


To complete the course and get the certificate it is required to receive the grade of minimum 60% out of all tests in the course

Duration (hours)