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The influence of static converters on the supply network PQ07

Teacher Andreas Sumper



Power electronics. The increasing role of power electronics in power systems and customer loads; mutual imacts between loads and supply, EMC issues. Interactions of power electronics and network; problems, mitigation.



1.1. Power electronics
1.2. Impact between the power supply and power converters
1.3. Power factor and displacement factor

2. Basics on Power Electronics

2.1. Power Electronic components
2.2. Power Converters

3. Impact of static converters on the supply network

3.1. Industrial Equipment
3.2. Control and Informatics Equipment
3.3. Solutions to mitigate the impact of power converters on power supply

4. Electromagnetic Compatibility Issues

4.1. General aspects
4.2. Voltage Notches Due to Semiconductor Commutation
4.3. High-Frequency Disturbances
4.4. Common Mode Disturbances

5. Impact on Loads Supplied by Power Converters

5.1. Inverter Output Characteristics
5.2. Bearing Currents
5.3. High-Voltage Spikes at Motor Terminals

6. Impact of supply network disturbances on static converters

6.1. Impact of Voltage Disturbances on Static Converters
6.2. Voltage Dip Susceptibility
6.3. Immunization Techniques

Prepared by: Mircea Chindris, Andreas Sumper, Antoni Sudrià i Andreu from CITCEA UPC, Barcelona, Spain and University of Cluj Napoca and IREC

Target Audience

The course is dedicated to technical managers, engineers and technicians who wish to understand main aspects of power quality and want to acquire knowledge which will allow to mitigate power quality problems


To attend the course the knowledge of fundamentals of electrical engineering is required. Technical background and sometimes competencies in economics, standardization and regulation are preferable.


To complete the course and get the certificate it is required to receive the grade of minimum 75% out of all tests in the course.

Duration (hours)